Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Virtual Fashion Show

Ok, so earlier we played dress up and got a few pictures of various possibilities for picture outfits...and then of course, my mom is making Emily and Kendall matching outfits. Hmm...Decisions, decisions, decisions. Let me know what you like best cuase I can't decide!
Option 1: Green dress with purse. You can't tell here but this one has a little matching purse that goes with it, which I think was over her shoulder.

Option 2: Green pant suit with candy canes....the tongue is possible in any outfit!

Option 3: Light green fancy dress....Oh if she will only smile this much at a real photographer with the dog being good and cute too!

Option 4: Fancy white dress...this one might be a smidge too big, but actually i think that i jsut think that because it says its a 4, but its actually smaller than the light green dress!

Option 5: Pretty purple dress

Option 6: Green with pink flowers and bow dress

And the reason I'd like to decide is we need to accessorize (which may only be going to her room and findign what we need, but we need shoes, hair bows, possibly tights, etc.) So any good accessory ideas send them to me too!
And I'm sure they will not let me have more than 2 hours free, so I should go and prepare for the girls to get up from nap! If comments dont work, you can always send me an email!


Anonymous said...

All are cute- I like the fancy ones- the light green one would be cute.. but that is a tough decision.. good luck- Erin Z.M.

Tara said...

Aunt Tara thinks that she looks beautiful in ALL of them!!! I don't think I could choose! (She looks SO much like you in a couple of those pictures though.lol). the light green dress is pretty but I like the fancy light purplish one...but I like everything purple :-)

Mom said...

I like the light green one on her. But they all look pretty. I got the outfits for her and Kendall cut out last night, so maybe they can be one of your choices too. The white one would probably work for pictures in the spring. It should still fit then. And I'm not much help with accessorizing! Sorry!