Monday, October 4, 2010

The ideas I get

Sometimes I get wild hair-brained ideas that will probably end up causing me stress in the long run. Well, watch these two. Arent they cute together? Best friends that love to play together. So my wild idea...I will take Kendall with us next time I go to get Emily's pictures. Called and found out I could do that at Target the last appointment of the day on Saturday, October 30. So then I had to schedule Kendall an appointment at Petsmart to get her haircut and beautified before the pictures. And then.....what to dress Emily in. I dont have her a special dress this year, her birthday outfit is a shirt and pants. But do I want a dress? I just cant decide. There are some pretty ones out there, and even ones that arent too terribly expensive, but do I want to spend the time to go out and find one? Oh the decisions.... The photographer said that they have a great winter backdrop and it would look really cute with hats and mittens. Yes I said hats, but really dont have one for the dog:) And if I do that backdrop it would look a lot better with a dark colored dress. Ok, enough babbling on that in a few weeks I'll let you know if it was great or a nightmare!

Doodle Doos....if only she'd been able to meet Quikster!

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Mom said...

They look like they're playing musical chairs and waiting for the music to stop!