Saturday, October 16, 2010

If My Life Were A Musical

Doesn't she look like a little princess in this picture? She wanted to play dress up again and I got this picture. Maybe I play dress up too much and that is why my day is doomed to cleaning all day!

I had this thought yesterday...what would the songs be if my life were a musical? Ok, so events of the day on Thursday put this in my head. Playtime in the backyard would be Ray Stevens "Oh yes they call her the streak" I'll let you figure that one out, but it involved light purple socks with dark purple trim and pink tennis shoes. Now imagine that as the ENTIRE outfit! The day progresses...I'm cooking dinner, specifically the cheese part of macaroni and cheese and Emily looks at me and our song was "Oh Happy Day" cause she said, "Poo Poo" and we went to the potty and she pooped! Since Monday we have been in big girl undies with very few accidents. Last night I was cooking dinner and "Hallelujah" when I went to find her, the only doors open were to her bedroom and bathroom and she wasnt in her bedroom. She was SITTING ON THE POTTY by herself and had pooped! Granted she needed some help with the wiping and had gotten some on the floor, but she had pottied without my prompting or even helping. My little girl is growing up. And when we go today to Walmart she gets to pick out whatever big girl panties she wants (which I'm pretty sure will beElmo).


Tara said...

You need to bring that big girl down to see her Aunt Tara!!! She's getting big enough for the two of us to have some fun! (and retaliation for when my children--particularly blaine--were

Cryin-d3vil said...

Wow...she looks like a doll...incredibly cute~