Saturday, October 29, 2011


Can you believe its been three years?  I was looking through pictures the other day and its unreal how much she has grown, even since her birthday last year.   My 18 inch, 7 lb 4.6 oz baby has grown into a beautiful, ornery princess of a little girl that is now 3 ft 1 inch and 30 lbs!  I remember the day vivdly....the itching, horrible, tormentuous pressure socks, the water I would have done about anything to be allowed to drink.  The first glimpse of my daughter, the nurse commenting on her red hair before I had even had a chance to see her for more than a second, watching Neal hold her for the first time, magical moments that are once in a lifetime experiences, that we wait our whole lives for and then we blink and look up and our baby is running around yodeling with her friends as they giggle and scream and hide under the cake table at her third birthday party.  I wonder what will she become in life, and I pray that I'm guiding her the way I should.  I hope she knows to seek God in all things even at three years old.  And I watch her twirla nd dresss up and I remind myself to stop worrying about if she gets spaghetti on her good dress and just let her be my little princess.  Happy third birthday baby girl.  I love you and I'm sorrying I wasnt able to give you the fun day out I promised.

And it is even more unbelieveable is that ten years ago I got woken up at six am because my oldest nephew would be arriving soon.    And now he's nearly as tall as I am and I almost see teenager when I look at him, not little kid at all anymore.   Aunt Lori loves you Blaine!   I was going to call you but heard you were awfully busy for your tenth birthday...hope it was a great one!  

Yes, I realize their birthdays were yesterday but I was too busy to get this posted then so happy birhtday a day late....coming soon party pictures!


Tara said...

Blaine said Thanks Aunt Lori...and 10 years ago, we could've called you as soon as we got to the hospital...they were being nice and let you sleep til 6 :-)...can't believe our babies are growing up so fast!!!

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