Monday, October 10, 2011

Warning: Extreme and Utter Cuteness in this Post

I love October.  And I love camping, even pseudo-camping.  We had a fun, relaxing weekend camping at Roaring River State Park.  And we did what Emily wanted to do for the most part, which was fun!  I took a couple pictures (ok, to be honest a couple hundred pictures) for the weekend.  Here are a few:)

She carried the dutch oven to me to help cook breakfast.  Her daddy handed her the big one first, and it was too heavy, but she was determined she was going to carry this one!
So while I cooked her and Daddy went and threw rocks in the little bit of water that was still in the creek.
Then when her cousins started waking up she played catch.

And after breakfast she got to go see the fishies!

Powered by M &Ms for the weekend, she talked non-stop.  She also got very possessive over this chair. 
Not sure why she was crawling under the chairs, just being cute I guess!
She took Kendall for a walk.
And squirted a water gun.  Daddy showed her how it made the ashes jump if she squirted them.
Time for a nap.  One of them actually fell asleep.  Can you guess which one?
Wake up daddy!
Wearing grandmother's glasses.
Then off for a hike with mommy.  She had to stop and explore a lot.
And crawl in some "caves"

And she kept finding treasures....

Remind you of anyone, Aunt Tara? 

I asked her to look up....she rolled her eyes up without moving her head.

Does it get any cuter?  She kept standing up on every big rock she could find, "I queen of the castle" and if you aren't familiar with Roaring River, let me just tell you, that was a lot of rocks!

When we got done hiking, her and daddy went to the playground and walked along the river.

But it was starting to get dark.  We got back to camp and she said, Let's get Kendall and go to bed.  So we did. 

At 830 the next morning she was up, locating her cousins, who were sleeping in the back of the truck. 
And before we left, Mommy and Aunt Diane needed cute leaf pcitres. 
So we put her on Aunt Diane's shoulders.  Not sure she really trusted us....she wasn't lookign up and smiling anyway!

All grins once she was back on the ground!

 Have you ever seen anything any cuter? 

And then it was time to go home.  Funny saying for the weekend....she was crying in her sleep Saturday night, we thought she was awake, Neal gets her in our bed and asked her if she was scared.  She doesn't answer and points to the little heater.  He asks her if that scared her.  She says, "No daddy that make me happy."

Ok, she's still snoring but my day has begun!

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Tara said...

lol...i love it when i see the picture and the caption in my head matches the one you typed...sometimes rocks just need carried around!!!!!