Thursday, October 13, 2011

A life remembered

I often think about Granny.  I regret that in those 21 years I was around her that I didnt pay enough attention to the stories she told of growing up.  I would love to take those stories and write them so Emily could get to know her great granny.  But I have memories which I often share with her.  Time flies as you get older, and I believe it.  Today marks 11 years since Granny went home to Jesus and I felt like sharing  (and I've run into technical issues so pardon the typos!)  So very many memories from riding my bicycle to her house and not wanting to ride home (it was allI uphill going home) and she would call Daddy and tell him to come get me.  I remember watching her quilt, wishing I could make something as beautiful.  I remeber endless games of yahtzee and wheel of fortune, and I can't eat Nilla Wafers without thinking about Pa and Granny.  I valso remember the last time I talked to her, just hours  before she stood before her Savior.  And I still thank God she didn't really suffer.  I can still smell the roast and fried chicken that were her specialties, of course I can also still taste the meatloaf and goulosh too (if you had it, you undgherstand)   And theI start wondering, what would Granny think if she could meet my family?  Would Emily be as enthralled with the quilts as I was?  Would Granny be proud of what I've grown up to be?  And I wonder if I'm anything like she was at my age, even though the world is completely different than when she was my age.   I remeber she had abit of a stubborn streak...I'm sure I didn't get that trait (just don't ask my husband).  And I think of the things she lived through and I wonder if I would have the faith and grace that she had to amke it through a stronger person as she did.   And most of all, the thing I admired about Granny was that she   never forgot the God that made us, and she taught her children and grandchildren about God that was so much a part of her life.  Yes, I wish Granny could have been at my wedding, could have met Neal, and that she could meet amy little girl, but I'm not sad when I think about it.  She paid her dues on earth, and now is her time to dance along the streets of glory, and I'm sure that is exactly what she is doing now.  Doesn't that just put a smile on your face?.

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