Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One table down......

Ok, so whenever the twins I watch get big enough to eat lunch at the "big girls" table, my table will no longer be big enough for everyone.   And that won't be long! So I found this cute little x picnic table on ana-whte.com and thought....hmmmmm.....only four steps, how hard could it be, right?   Well, actually other than my wood not being the same dimensions as her plans (had I been paying attention I would have realized that I needed my own measurements and shouldn't have used hers)  it was relatily simple.

So once Emily finally decided to nap today I built a table.  I am going to have to put a couple filler pieces in the legs to complete the build and the benches are still in pieces, but making a table out of a pile of wood at least makes me feel as though I accomplished something.  Yesterday I got the favor boxes all put together except for bindings and I even found better insurance for a dollar cheaper than what I currently have and half the deductible and cheaper pescriptions.  Never hurts to check around especially the way insurances change!

I need a second (and even third and fourth) opinion though.  The benches will match the table just smaller and here's what I have so far

Keep in mind that I use this in a daycare, currently 6 little girls, but that could change.  I will have another baby to watch in April, and it could be a boy, so I can't justify painting it pink and purple even though that would be cute.  So how would you paint it?  I'm also considering a magnet stip and cookie sheets on top of that to keep each kiddos food/art supplies in their spot.  I also wonder if that would eliminate some of the artwork tzhat is inevitably going to be what covers  the table.  Suggestions, advice, or just plain opinions welcome!

And finally do you ever see something and really find some sort of humor in it and you can't stop thinking about it, so you just give in to your silly desires and do it? I just couldn't help myself, and looking at it just makes me smile.



Mom said...

My opinion is that's one REALLY cute little girl!!!!

Tara said...

I have to agree with mom...one REALLY cute little girl...you could paint it with chalkboard paint and then it wouldn't matter if their artwork covered it...or light yellow or green would be cute.