Monday, October 6, 2008

A bag of Apples and a Schnauzer

For those of you that have ever met, or even followed my blog and heard stories about my schnauzer, Kendall, you can probably guess where I'm going with this. This was my weekend to work, and the weather was perfect and I was very busy, but that is another story. My husband also had to work. Soooo....that left Kendall home alone. And Bootskitty wasnt feeling all that great so Kendall was bored. I had purchased a bag of jonathan apples and left them sitting in the floor in the kitchen. So bored schnauzer. A bag of apples. We get home to find all of the apples in front of the couch. Except three, she must have missed those! From first appearances, you wouldnt have thought she had eaten any, but upon closer inspection, we found six apple seeds and about a dozen itsy bitsy pieces of skin on the floor. So she consumed and apple, in its entirety, minus the seeds. Between that and leaving behind potato peels, I wonder, just what we would find out if we had a camera video taping her while we were gone. These are just the things we know about!

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