Monday, October 13, 2008

Small...but needs lots

I'm amazed at how one little bitty person can need so much stuff. I've been going through the things I've been given for the baby so far and for the most part, we are set! I was worried there was going to be tons of stuff left to buy after the showers were all over, but I'm starting to think that we will easily have everything she needs, between what we've been given and the money that we have been given. And I have duplicates of a few things I think i will exchange for some of the things we still need.

Kendall and Boots are simply confused by all of the baby stuff. They seem to know something is going on but arent sure what. And I've caught Kendall in the bouncer once already (she was too fast for me to get the camera though).

And for those of you planning on visiting after the baby is born, I was considerate today. I bought soap and toilet paper, so the essentials are covered. You'll have to bring your own toothbrush however!

Now, I need to figure out how to get addresses for the people from church that got me stuff that I dont know addresses for.

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