Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Right as an American

There are many things in our political system that seem totally screwed up, but one right that we undeniably have is the right to vote. Ok, so normally this wouldnt be a problem, but you all know when the baby is due, and there really isnt any way to tell if that just might be the day that she decides to make her appearance. I didnt want to be stuck in the hospital, not getting out and getting my vote in. We live in a state where that one vote might really matter...and I want McCain to win. Actually, I just don't want Obama to win. So anyway, I drove the 13 miles south to the county courthouse yesterday adn cast my vote. Now I still hope that I'm not in labor at the hospital the entire day on election day because my dear husband has to vote too and he can't get to the courthouse to vote absentee and we didnt think about it early enough to vote by mail. Because I'd hate to have to send him on a mad dash back over here to vote and then back to the hospital!

And I hope all of you will get out there and take advantage of getting a vote in who the next leader of our country will be!

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