Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Cutest Cake Ever

Ok, so I never even thought about taking my camera to work yesterday. I knew they were having a baby shower for me, but I didnt realize how much I would want my camera. Have you ever watched the food network cake decorating contests? Occassionally I'll turn one of those on when I'm cleaning house and I'm sure this cake could win that competition. Not only was it adorable, it fit. The shower was at a nature center, the outdoorsy stuff is what I enjoy, so they made it work. Imagine a tree canopy of four trees. This would be the top.

Now underneath these four trees was a pond, complete with fish and ducks. Around the pond were flowers and all sorts of woodland creatures, even little lady bugs, and they all had little pink bows. Interestingly enough, the cake came about becuase one of the volunteers mentioned back in August that she occassionally does a little cake decorating. So when it came time to put the shower together they asked if she would make the cake, and she was very happy to do it. I'm amazed is all I can say. (I'll post pictures of the entire cake whenever I get them from one of my coworkers who actually did bring a camera yesterday. You guys have got to see this!)
And while I'm on cakes and cake photos, here is a picture of the diaper cake I got on Sunday. It is a little cockeyed becuase I started to take it apart before deciding to take a picture. My sister in law took lots of pictures but I havent gotten them yet.
And last, but certainly not least (my belly that is!) is week 37. I'm ready for the baby to be here for many reasons, right now the main one being so that my ribs are no longer used as jungle gym equipment by our little acrobat!

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