Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comments, anyone?

Ok, so I know you are reading this, and the counter keeps going up, so I know you keep coming back, but what I don't know are anyone's opinions. So in an attempt to get you to comment, I want you to post a comment on theh baby. I go for an ultrasound tomorrow and if the little baby cooperates we will know if we are having a boy or a girl. So I want to know your thoughts, BEFORE you know if it is a boy or girl...any guesses? I considered saying if you post a comment you will find out before others, but then I thought that probably wouldnt work, so just let me know you are out there! Now, laundry, dinner and dishes await!


Anonymous said...

i posted...i posted...i get to hear first!!!!!!!!! fyi, we want a girl...blaine will not be happy if its a boy...don't know why but he won't now i expect to hear from you immediately following your ultrasound!!!
your loving sis!

Anonymous said...

Your Aunt Kay said it was going to be a girl, and I agree with her.

Mom said...

I don't much care which it is. I'd settle for nice and healthy. I'd also add a little spoiled to whichever gender it turns out to be. And Kendall's world (as well as her owners) is going to change drastically!

Anonymous said...

Amanda and I think he will probably be a little boy, but a little girl would be nice for Grandpa Tommy and Grandma Peggy since they have 2 grandsons.
Your Aunt Sue