Friday, June 6, 2008

A Puppy's Talent

Sometimes we come home and are just left speechless by the acts of one little miniature schnauzer. You've all heard about the potatoes. Then there were the jelly beans, hot chocolate, ho hos, more things than I can easily list quickly. Then the other day, she had a new trick. One of my coworkers had given me a couple boxes of poptarts and they were on the table. We had been eating them, so one of the boxes was a little bit open, but standing upright on the table, still with a walmart sack around it. We get home from work and there are poptart crumbs and a crumpled wrapper next to them. Ok, so easy to deduct that the dog had gotten on the table and helped herself. What was amazing was that she never moved the box, it was still upright and hadnt fallen over. If only she knew how to throw away the evidence, she would never get caught in a lot of her acts. But then again, maybe she does and there are things we just don't know about......

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