Monday, June 23, 2008

Crafty Fat Cat

I think Garfield must be his hero. Bootskitty that is. He is fat, and lazy, although I've recently discovered a hidden talent of his. He has figured out how to pop the lid off of the bucket of cat food, at least when I dont secure it to where it is hard for me to get in! And who knows what else he gets into while we are gone. I'm pretty sure him and Kendall work as a team to get into stuff! But Kendall runs and works off extra pounds. Boots simply lounges, therefore, they add up. I got on the scales holding him the other day. I am not really sure who is gaining weight or the cat! He was at 21.5 pounds, and we are just not going to say what I'm up to, but it is definitely the most I've ever weighed, but I think my excuse is better than Boot's excuse.

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