Thursday, June 5, 2008


I think it has almost been 24 hours since any rain fell, with high winds and strong thunderstorms expected tonight. I wonder if I'll have any luck with fire starting in 40 mph winds....maybe I should develop a backup plan so I dont ignite the entire conservation area. Anyway, night before last it did storm. A very slow moving storm. For a long time, it stayed just to our north, with doppler indicating tornados and everything, including lots of lightning. While I was inside, watching slightly fuzzy tv on an antennae because the cable was out (ok, I admit after about five minutes I was SOUND asleep), my husband kept checking the weather himself from the front porch. Here is what it looked like. A little luck and a lot of lightning helped to capture this picture. While it is a neat picture, I hope we don't have any major storms tonight to get pictures of because it really disrupts Kendall's sleep, which in turn disrupts everyone else in the house sleeping.

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