Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Monday

Sometimes you think that Garfield just made too big of a deal out of Mondays being bad, then there is my lunch break yesterday that made everything Garfield ever said about Mondays seem pretty accurate. It started out with me doing a favor for my husband and returning a pair of boots he ordered that didnt fit. I fixed up the package, taped it up really well and took it to the post office. Upon returning I discovered my mistake. The piece of paper that said who the boots were coming from and why was still with me, not in the package as it should have been. Later, a quick call to the post office and another stop by and I had taken care of the problem, but I still blame it on being a Monday. And if that weren't bad enough, either I'm losing my mind, my pizza grew legs and left the building on its own, or somebody had eaten my lunch. Usually everyone is real considerate and won't eat anything that's not theirs unless specifically offered. The only thing I can figure out is that someone else had pizza in there too and they ate the wrong pizza (you'd think they could tell the difference, but who knows, maybe they are as awake as I am in the mornings). Luckily my boss was nice enough to share her lunch with me so I didnt have to go hungry. The day wasn't all bad though. I got several things I wanted to get finished at work done, as well as getting to go pick up a truckload of stuff I had purchased on craigslist. When I had told the lady I would take it, what she described to me I was thinking, maybe it would fill up about half of the trunk of the car, and I thought I was getting a good deal. When we arrived to pick it up, we had taken the truck because I knew there was one item I wasnt sure would fit in the trunk, but it was a good thing we did. We get there and when all was said and done my small pile that I had purchased filled up the backseat of the truck and completely filled up the bed as well. All this so that I will be able to stay home when the baby comes. It does make me feel better knowing that I have gotten a significant portion of what I need now. Then after I got home, I ordered a camcorder from Best Buy. I was going to have it shipped, but we would have had to make sure we were home to sign for it (which never happens and after a week or two we eventually get the package). So I opted for pick up in store, which I will do on my way home from work today. In theory when the baby comes I'll be able to post short videos right here. A little practice may be required, so stay tuned.

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Sue said...

OK, now that you have purchased all that stuff off of craigs list,what do you need? Are you registered any where? Are you doing Emily's room in any special theme or color? Amanda and I want to get you something you want or need.