Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Successful Venture

Ok, so I've made progress, and a little money over the weekend. We had a powerwheels that needed a battery in our garage, I made double what my father spent on it (you want your money back?). I sold leftover stickers from my wedding scrapbook for $5. As many people as asked about those, I should have asked for more. I've had close to 10 people wanting them. I sold an old VCR. And I've had about 6 people ask about the camcorder. So I could still sell it. And this morning someone asked about my leftover wedding/house decorating flowers. So all in all, progress was made.

I also got almost all my stuff out of the baby's room, with the exception of my sewing center and the stuff out of my desk (mostly CDs--you think she'll want my music in there?:) We also decided to use the dresser in the spare bedroom for her, so now that is on my reorganization list. As long as progress is being made. But now I need to load the dishwasher and fold some laundry because I spent my whole weekend getting her stuff ready that I didnt do much housework and it still needs done.

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