Saturday, August 9, 2008


It seems like everyone is going on vacation this month...everyone but me. Do I sound sad? I did have a great vacation in January, where it was nice and warm while everyone was here being cold. But I just like to travel and my boss and my parents are all going to my absolute favorite place to travel to: Yellowstone. So around the start of September, I expect to live both trips vicariously through them. My boss is technologically challenged and is still using a film camera so I probably won't be able to steal any of her pictures, but I will steal some of my long as they don't run into a buffalo stampede. Afterall, that might hurt on a goldwing!

Other noteworthy news this is only supposed to be in the 70s today. But it is supposed to rain, so it may be a long boring day at the nature center. Really, I dont have any additional noteworthy news. And honestly I'm too tired to care:)

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