Friday, August 22, 2008

Registries Complete

For those of you that care, I did spend a significant amount of time at Babies R Us yesterday completing a registry. Then once I got home I put the things on it that I had run out of energy at the store to find. So it is now complete and available. I did, however, accidentally create two. One only has a carseat on it, the other has much more, so if you get to it and find only one item, then go to a different one. The registry can be accessed at, or by visiting any Babies R Us or Toys R Us store. According to the lady at the store (who thought I didn't register for enough but that's another story) if you order online and dont want to pay shipping, you can have it delivered to my Babies R Us store to avoid those charges. I did not register for obvious things that every baby needs like bath soap, clothes, towels, and crib sheets. I also have the completed registry at but it is a lot of the same stuff. Did you know that even in a store completely devoted to babies, I did not find one piece of squirrel gear? Unbelievable, you'd think my fascination with squirrels was unique (I prefer unique over weird).

And now my big question of the day is, why didnt I take today off too? I dont have anything special I need to do, but since I had yesterday off and I have the weekend off, today would have been a good addition to that:) Oh well, I need to work on my program for my senior citizens. This month's topic is hummingbirds, which must be popular because I have filled up!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm having company tomorrow evening. it seems as though some motorcycle travelers want to stay at my house and tell me all about their trip they are getting ready to take to the best place on earth (Yellowstone for those of you that don't know where that is. And if you don't know where it is, you really should go sometime!) See ya tomorrow Mom!

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