Friday, August 15, 2008

Do You Believe In Bigfoot?

After spending a summer in the inland Pacific Northwest, I've heard many first hand accounts of bigfoot. Interestingly enough, when we were watching a show on bigfoot on the discovery channel, I actually did know a guy that was on there giving his account. But really, is there a bigfoot? For decades people have speculated seeing them everywhere from Washington State to Oklahoma, but little, if any, concrete evidence has been found. Then this morning my husband woke me up (ok, so my alarm was going off too I just like him better than the alarm clock:) and said they've found bigfoot. Supposedly whereever he was reading this said there will be a news conference about a bigfoot that is currently residing in a freezer in Georgia later today. I find it quite interesting and am curious what will actually come of it. Of course when I think of bigfoot I think of a video Mom and Dad and I made when I was in Idaho of us pointing one out in the trees to my sister, who made EVERY anticipated comment when she watched the video. We'd paused, letting her say what we knew she would say. Of course, there were NO bigfoot really there...or was there???

Ok, I've promised a picture of week 28 of my pregnancy so I'll post it, but I am in no way implying you should think of me as bigfoot!

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