Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making Room

I decided yesterday that the time had come to start making room for the baby. Up until now, her room has been used as my craft room, which means all of my stuff needs to find a new home. Some of it I've been able to box up and simply move to our storage area under the stairs, but I've also found things in cleaning that I simply don't need anymore. So I've decided to sell stuff. Anybody in need of anything just ask, I might have it on my getting rid of list. While a garage sale might be a better bet, I just dont have the time or that much stuff to devote, so I've opted for craigslist. Extra litter boxes, microwaves, you name it. I'm also trying to sell a Hi8 camcorder so that I can buy a digital one to keep you all tuned in whenever little Emily arrives.

So now I have to go to Walmart and purchase some big tubs. Mainly for fabric (anyone need any of that? I have enough to share!) and I also have quite a bit of candlemaking supplies. Some of my crafts will inevitably get put on hold for a few years, so having to drag the stuff out when I want to use it won't be all that bad.

How about a toaster? Does anyone need a toaster? VCR? VHS movies? Or maybe you need curtain rods? I'm telling you, I have stuff...and if you are nice, I might even give it to a faithful blog reader:)

I was going back to sleep but since that never happened, I am going to Walmart. Before the crowds. It is better that way.

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