Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wilderness Theme

Some things you never really give a lot of thought to and then wham...everybody starts asking you the same question. I've had this happen recently with two questions. One, how are you decorating the baby's room and two, what do you need? I don't do a lot of decorating in general, and themes are usually out the window, but when looking at baby stuff I decided I would choose a theme to tell those of you that want to know. I'm going with wilderness critters, to include all sorts of north american species. Giraffes and monkeys are ok, but what I really like are bear, deer, moose, SQUIRREL (good luck finding any of that though!) you know, the things you find outside here. And since I'm having a girl, flowers, birds and butterflies fit perfectly. Can you find baby stuff following that theme? I have absolutely no idea. I know there are a few things available, so in order to keep my sanity, I'm going against my feelings on registries and am creating two. One is at for you computer savvy types. The other will be at Babies R US and I'll physically go into a store and do that one tomorrow. I know many of you don't have a babies r us store either, but you can go online and look at stuff and them shop your favorite store. I dont really care where you shop. A little explanation for those of you who might not know about my aversions to registries. Creativity seems to be lost in gift giving anymore. I don't know how much people want to spend, or what they would like to get me, and ever since I was little I never have liked telling people what I want, I figure they can figure it out for themselves if they really want to get me something. I think this is all because I really don't like people to make a fuss over me and registries seem to encourage that.

As for my bargains I got Monday...It was mostly toys and other daycare type items. I am going to raise my own daughter instead of paying someone else to raise her for me, but in order to do that and still have enough money to do something fun (or drive anywhere) I am going to have to babysit a few kids. But my passion for interpretation and nature will not be lost. The kids I keep will get to learn all about God's wonderful creation and do many of the same activities I currently do at work, the only difference being I won't get fired if I mention God created it since I will not be under the state government anymore.

So stay tuned for registries (Amazon is done, I think, although I might add to it, you never know). And if any of you should happen to come across a flying squirrel mobile, let me know. I can't think of anything more appropriate. However the squirrel store doesnt even have them so I think I'm out of luck.

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