Monday, April 21, 2008


It is my day off. After a busy week at work, I finally have a day off, and I've already gotten my grocery shopping done for the week. Now it is housework and fixing dinner. I'm gonna make a pot roast, complete with tators, carrots and noodles. I always think of my Granny whenever I have roast, probably because for much of my growing up years, we had her roast once a week. And no one does a pot roast quite as good as Granny did. Her fried chicken was something I loved too. And then there was the meatloaf. Granny was a great cook, but meatloaf was not her specialty. I don't think we ever did figure out exactly what went into Granny's meatloaf. Enough Mrs. Dash on top and we'd eat it. It wasnt anything that we've tried to duplicate, but her roast, we've tried, and gotten close but never have gotten that roast just perfect. But that is what I am going to attempt for dinner. Roast, tators, noodles, carrots, and I'm not sure what for sides. Probably rolls.

So now, i have laundry that appears to have exploded in my house, dishes that have accumulated, and groceries that I have purchased but havent completely put away yet, so I should get busy. Have a great week...Happy Turkey Season!

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Mom said...

Now you've made me hungry for roast. And even if I fix it, it won't taste like Granny's. I'd have to crash supper at Sue's to get one that tasted right.