Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands only hold so well. Then they break. This was what I learned yesterday. In an attempt to procrastinate actually wearing the maternity clothes I had purchased, even though my work pants were NOT going to button, I had looped a rubber band through the buttonhole and around the button. Throughout the course of the day yesterday, I managed to break four rubber bands. And even then the pants still werent exactly comfortable, so I give up. Today, I put on the maternity pants I had purchased. I will continue to wear my normal shirts as long as they still cover all essential parts. I only have two pair so far, will try them out this week and see how it goes. Suprisingly they are extremely comfortable.

In other news, we did not do our frog survey last night due to impending storms (which did arrive before our scheduled frogging time). And the robin that i've been watching on my front porch hasnt been seen since Monday. Eggs are still in the nest, so we arent sure if she's just flying away before we can see or if she has disappeared altogether. I'll keep you posted. (because I'm sure you are all terribly concerned about whether or not the robin that lives on my porch is still taking care of her nest).

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