Saturday, April 26, 2008

Things that Make You Go HMMMM....

Ok, so there are many things in life that I just don't understand. Global warming for instance, when it has been an exceptionally long winter that just doesnt want to let go. Spring is finally here, although it is still cold out this morning. But that isn't the question that baffled my husband and I when we got home from work last night. This is what we found. Can anyone identify it?

Yes, the brown stuff strung all over the floor are little bitty pieces of potato skin, which earlier in the day had, in fact, been connected to a RAW potato. You might also notice in the picture that there is also another potato. Not planted by my husband or myself, it was there when we got there.

Now, why would this innocent little puppy (or guilty full grown dog to be more exact) eat an entire raw potato?

Oh, the things that make you go hmmmm......

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