Saturday, April 5, 2008

Landscaping Possibilities

Today is actually a weekend with weather that is supposed to be sunny, 65, and not real windy. Finally, a decent day. We've had them few and far between so far this spring, and so I'm looking forward to the nice weather today, although I am committed to getting my house clean today so I may spend most of it inside. But the promise of spring has got me to thinking about what I should do for my landscaping this year. I have planted 8 redbuds along the edge of the backyard. In front of the house, I have some bushy things that I dont really like. There are four of them and the two middle ones are barely hanging on to life, so I'm trying to decide what I could plant there if I dug those up. I also have a raised bed in front of the basement window with rather sad looking plants. I was actually thinking I might consider planting some sort of fruit bush over there, that was pretty and then I could have berries, a double win. So if I decide to spend the money on it, any suggestions? Several of you have been to my house, but for those of you that haven't, look in front of the porch and under the window on the left of the picture.

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