Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not Busy and What Happened to Spring?

April 12---shouldn't it be warm? Shouldn't flu season be over? Why is it snowing???? These are the questions that have been running through my head this morning. First off, it is cold adn snowing, not exactly nice weather! It isn't snowing enough to stick or accumulate, but the fact remains, it is April and snowing. I always thought April showers were supposed to come in the form of rain, warm, spring rains! And then flu season. My husband isn't feeling well, my best friends that were going to come visit couldnt come because they are sick, and I even have the sniffles (not bad though, maybe I can avoid anything worse!) So today in the nasty weather I took a trek to the post office to mail my taxes (no refund for us this year...we need another deduction:), the grocery store (I rather despise grocery shopping), the vet to get the kitty cat some food and Walmart for cold medicine, kitty insulin syringes, and a toaster. Now, what can I make for lunch that involves toast? Tuna sandwiches (although I prefer mine untoasted), hmmm...I just don't know. So now my big plans for the day include making toast, maybe reading my book I got this week that I've barely opened, and I'm sure a nap is somewhere in my afternoon plans. I actually could deep clean some on my house, if I get to feeling ambitious, but that isn't likely to happen. Probably snuggling with a kitty, puppy and sick hubby are what I'll end up doing, which isnt all bad. Bundle up, stay out of the cold, and avoid colds and the flu!

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Anonymous said...

Did you all forget to drink your sasafras tea this spring?