Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two Speeds

Sometimes I wish I had the speed and energy of our dog, Kendall. Just a trip outside in the morning must give her all kinds of energy. For instance right now, I just let her back in. She has been running through the house, as fast as she can run, between me and Boots. I think he must have been paying more attention or at least she thought he was because she took time to wrestle him on her turn around. This is not an uncommon thing, actually at least twice a day that I know about she will take off tearing through the house, flinging her toys in the air.

Then there is the other speed of the puppy. Sleeping. You'd think, most normal dogs just walk around in a circle and lay down. Well...not our dog. At night, she will stare at you until you invite her under the covers. Then she will lay as close as she can possibly get to you. If you try to scoot away from her an inch or so, she moves that same distance in that same direction. Her favorite spot is actually between my husband and me, where she can touch both of us. And sometimes in the middle of the day, she is caught napping. So for a nice Thursday morning laugh, I hope you've enjoyed the two speeds of Kendall.

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Anonymous said...

Cameron says he likes the Kendall pictures.