Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All In A Days Work

While the rest of the world was enjoying a nice (although rainy around here) holiday weekend I was working at my office. Since there were only 2-3 other coworkers there, and relatively few public people, these fellas kept me company for a while. Then they went on their way and we looked out the window and found this girl sitting there. The picture through the window didnt work very well, so I went outside and she let me take her picture. I didnt have my camera with me when I saw a toad on a hike.

Once everyone returned from being off on their holiday weekend, I still worked yesterday and we had outdoor skills training. So I spent the day fishing, canoeing, shooting air rifles, practicing fire building, archery and orienteering. Believe it or not, it was actually hard work. Have you ever tried to actually start a fire with a magnesium bar fire starter? They make it sound very easy on the package:)

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