Monday, May 12, 2008


Usually when I'm camping I expect a little rain. Only a couple times have I ever packed away a dry tent. This past weekend I was planning on camping, however it just wasn't meant to be. We watched the weather on Friday morning, they were almost guaranteeing strong storms and heavy rain, so we decided that we should postpone our camping trip. I just knew the weatherman would be wrong and it would turn out to be a beautiful day on Saturday. But my voice of reason (my husband and also best friend) told me that it would storm and camping wasn't a good idea. I pouted and complained, but realized that with gas nearly $4 a gallon, if we were going to try for the following weekend it just wasnt a good idea. SO... we stayed home. I did manage to find a bargain at a garage sale. And just for the record, my doubting the weatherman is probably why I've rarely packed up a dry tent. It stormed and hailed and there were tornados and all sorts of horrific storms in the area we were wanting to camp. So now, looking to Saturday, I wonder if the weather will be nice???

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