Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two years ago

Two years ago today I was boarding Mariner of the Seas for the first time, setting sail on my honeymoon. Looking at pictures this morning, I sorta thought about how much fun that was, but the main thing that kept going through my head was "I WANT A VACATION!" Yes, I realize that I went on a cruise just a few months ago, and yes, we did have a great weekend away last week, but a person can never have too much vacationing. I think that is why we work so hard the rest of the time so that we can take those times off and thoroughly enjoy them. Unfortunately leave time from work is limited, and we are having to save some of it for November (that isn't the unfortunate part), and gas prices are nearing $4 a gallon which limits how far we can really afford to go. So I will be happy just remembering how much fun our past trips were and look forward to a future trip.

I was also remembering two years and two days ago. It was a beautiful day, and except for the cold I had started to develop, everything went perfectly, and I'm even happier now than I was then.

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