Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Outdoor Skills

Today is the training for staff and volunteers working our outdoor skills camp for the month of June, which basically means I will not have to sit in my office, but will be outside most of the month. I am teaching the wilderness survival part, which is really difficult to cover very much in 45 minute segments. I was almost hoping it would rain out our training today, not because I dont enjoy teaching it and being outside but because the training never works in the allotted time and no one really cares exactly what you are doing, much like any other training I've ever attended. Besides I taught the same class about 50 times last summer, and even if I dont always remember where I parked my car, I remember how I taught. I dont know where I will be helpign for the other sessions, last year it was air rifles, but this year air rifles and wilderness are at the same time (along with canoeing which would be another option). So whenever I actually get to work, that's what I will jump right in to doing:)

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