Friday, May 16, 2008

A Beautiful Day

It looks like another beautiful day outside today. Yesterday while out walking through the woods, I was wishing I had my camera. There were some flowers that were pretty, but one of the prettiest things was one that I definitely did NOT want to touch! The poison ivy leaves are a lustrous deep purple turning to green color right now, very pretty if you don't think about the consequences of a brush against one of them! I also see a beautiful blue heron sitting in a lake I drive past EVERY day. I slow down and look for him to see where he's posing each time (besides if you drive even 1 mph over the speed limit the cop would be more than happy to write a ticket). The other day, as the sun was beginning to drop into some dark clouds, he perched on a stick, coming out of the water, with a perfect reflection in front of him. My husband says I shouldn't stop along the relatively busy highway for a picture, and that day I didnt have my camera with me anyway, but it looks like a very photogenic bird.

I'm not planning on taking an hour lunch break at work today if I take one at all, so I wont get any pictures. I want to get off early so I can get ready for my weekend!

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