Friday, May 2, 2008


This morning I thought I would just update you on a few things.

Mama robin never did return to her nest, therefore, I still have eggs that are probably rotten and no baby birds.

The potato incident last Friday wasn't a single event. Saturday and Tuesday Kendall helped herself to additional potatoes, peeling them as she ate them. I really would like to know exactly how she does that, and definitely why. The remaining potato that she didnt eat is not on the counter.

The weather last night definitely resembled spring with loud storms, strong winds, hail, etc. There was a tornado supposedly touched down just south of Belton but then it went north of us.

And tonight we are maybe going out to do our frog survey again. We are doing a frog event from 6-9 and are supposed to go out after that to do our survey, but it is supposed to be really windy. So who knows???

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