Thursday, May 22, 2008

What is Good About Chiggers?

Ok, so I'm guessing no one has the answer, and if you search that online all you will find is reference to what is good to stop a chigger itch. So anyway, I'm attempting to write a program at work on Nature's Unloveables (even if somewhere along the way someone changed the name without me knowing it). Chiggers are the top of my unloved list so I thought, surely there is something good about a chigger. Something must eat it, that way it could provide valuable food to another animal. Maybe chiggers are going to be the answer to a cure for one of our diseases (someone should look into that, it would help my program out:) Or maybe a chigger is God's way of teaching us patience and perseverance. Patience by just dealing with the incessant itch, perseverance by not going crazy if you happen to find yourself covered in them. And for my dear friends in Northern Idaho who have never had the delightful experience of getting back from a day in the outdoors to have unexplained little red bumps all over, chiggers are a small mite that in the larval stage sticks its head into you and basically ingests your skin. For the rest of my friends that knew exactly what chiggers are, or at least the itch they cause, watch out...they are out there lurking, just waiting to jump on an unsuspecting victim.

(On a side note, no I am NOT covered in chiggers, I am simply trying to do a program on something I've never done a program on before:)

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