Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Missed Kodak Moment

Saturday I didn't take my camera to garage sales. What normal person would? Anyway, my mother and I were driving through town and we had just discovered the fresh strawberries we were going to buy had sold out before we arrived. So we had continued. Kendall was with us, and I happened to look back in the back seat, and there she was, sitting just like a little kid in the booster seat. She was adorable.

Another mystery of the weekend. While riding 4 wheelers out in the middle of the woods we came across a canoe paddle. A fairly nice one. It didnt look like it had been there a long time because it wasnt covered in leaves or even dirt, but was very clean. We were absolutely nowhere near a river, so how did it get there? We wondered if it had fallen out of the sky during the tornadoes last week (Ok, so it is a very good thing we didn't camp last weekend!)

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