Saturday, September 20, 2008


Have you ever wandered into a store to buy something and left with something totally different in a deal you just couldn't pass up? I was on a buy an infant car seat with the money my grandparents had given us for the baby. That is something I knew we would have to have before being allowed to leave the hospital with our little girl, so I had looked online, found one I liked, but thought I would look in the store in case they had one I liked that I wouldnt have to have shipped. I didn't find one. I had enough time before my doctor's appointment to wander through the rest of the store (babies r us) too, and since i hadn't found a car seat I liked, I still had a 20% off coupon I hated to see waste when there were so many things I'd lik to have there. So...I'm passing by one of the end caps and it is has the swing that I'd fallen in love with when I had registered. Usual price...$99.99. It had been one of their summer displays and they recently put out a new design, so the ones that had been on display were now $79.00. Remember that 20% off coupon? Ok, so now the swing I really liked, was only going to cost $65. You can't even get one I didnt like that much at Walmart for that. Quick phone call to mom. No answer. Still pondering because there are a lot of things I could use more than a swing. That is still a lot of money. Wander around for a while longer, looking at random other items. Double check to make sure my coupon would be good. Wander around more. Still can't decide. Have about 10 minutes before I need to be heading to the doctor. Decide to try mom again. This time she answers and tells me that yes, a swing is something I will definitely need. Confirms I have found a good bargain. Hang up the phone, manage to get swing (no box) through the checkout. Leave happy with my purchase. Get home, and husband is happy I found a good deal. Dog thinks she would like to try it out. Havent let her.


Deanne:) said...

good for you!!!!

Liz said...

You'll get your money's worth in the first week!