Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun Fest...more like Rain Fest

The forecast for today...over two inches of rain expected.
My plans for today...go sit at a booth at the Fall Fun Fest.
The value of being able to cover myself head to toe in goretex...Priceless.

Ok, I just couldnt help myself as I'm sitting here listening to the rain coming down, anticipating a fun filled day, ok, maybe not, but I am going to have a good corn dog from the fair (as in good I mean tasty, not good for me) and possibly a caramel apple and lets see what other junk food entices me when there is no one at the fair except for the other suckers that are there to visit with the public:)

But at three I get to go home. And that will be nice. I may require a hot shower, depending on how cold of a rain it actually is. Then I can go to my moms and hopefully they dont get so much rain that we can't have my baby shower tomorrow:)

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