Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Wet Wednesday

I live absolutely nowhere near the gulf coast, however the remnants of the hurricane arrived this morning, promising to bring rainfall for the next two days. We were actually starting to need a little rain, but I think it might almost get carried away. My parents might come by tonight...depends on if they could get here a lot quicker than they could get home. Remember, they are on the motorcycle, now at the end of their vacation. And I'm hoping it doesnt rain tomorrow evening. I have a program scheduled at work for 7 pm, outside. It is my living history presentation of Elizabeth Walker, the wife of one of the men that rode with Quantrill during the Civil War. I can't even imagine having to live through what they did in the 1860s, and it wasn't usually on battlefields in this part of the country. Terrifying to think about. So anyway, it will be my last living history presentation and I would love for it to be well attended. And I hope I can concentrate on practice today because I seem to be easily distracted these days (yes I admit, even at work, I think more about the baby than about the fish, forest and wildlife resources...occassionally I do think about how I can use those resources when the baby comes).

I know, I'm being very random today but there are about three more things I would like to add. My friend Cassie has cancer and the scan last week showed that the spots on her lungs were significantly smaller, the tumor on her hip hadn't grown, but there were a couple spots on her spine. This afternoon they are doing a bone scan to see if those spots are cancerous, so if everyone would say a prayer for Cassie, she really needs it right now.

If you live close to my parents and have received a shower invitation, Emily would love it if you would let her know whether or not you are able to come. You all know how much I plan things out...Emily does at least as much planning as me:)

And Deanne, thanks for the comments, I enjoy reading them! Others, you are welcome to comment too!

Finally, coming soon to a computer near you...Four-Wheelin Puppy. I'll explain in my next post so stay tuned!

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