Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Do you ever wake up really mad at someone before you realize it was only a dream? I was furious at Neal when I woke up this morning. In my dream, I had wanted to go geocaching and had looked some up so we could go. But then, my parents, his parents, and his sister and her kids all convinced him that the best ones to do were ones that you would have to take four wheelers to get to. So they loaded up all the fourwheelers (there were 6 not sure where we got the others from) and set out, leaving me behind. I didn't appreciate that. But it was just a dream so I forgave him, although I did tell him that it made me really mad:)

Other things, I am looking forward to my shower on Saturday. I'm hoping it isn't pouring rain--during the shower itself I dont care, but afterwards it would make it nicer if it werent raining. I remember it was so windy it almost literally blew people over after my wedding shower, so would a nice couple hours be too much to ask??

I have one more day off, my house isnt a complete disaster (not completely clean either but I'm working on it) so I don't have to go at things too hard. I keep making the pile in my basement bigger of stuff to get rid of....gonna have to figure out exactly what to do with that stuff!

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