Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funny stories

The first one could easily be titled, Lost Cat. Yesterday I had gotten up ridiculously early in order to be at work about 630. Therefore, I'd had to feed Bootskitty over an hour earlier than he's used to. He likes to be fed early so he was all for it. So then last night when I got home and was cooking my dinner, he was begging to be fed. It was earlier than normal, but well within the time frame he needed to be fed so I went ahead and fed him. Meanwhile, my husband and Kendall (the schnauzer) were asleep on the couch. Dinner got ready and we ate. After dinner, Kendall went into Lassie mode. She was definitely trying to tell me something although I couldnt figure out what it was. I followed her and she ended up taking me downstairs and she looked in all of Bootskitty's favorite spots down there. I finally convinced her he was upstairs (I'd just seen him asleep in the bedroom floor) and we went back up. When I showed her where he was, she just ran to him, like There you are, I thought something was wrong and you'd forgot to come get dinner. (Remember the cat weighs 21 pounds, he rarely misses dinner!) Anyway, it was really funny that she seemed so concerned about whether the cat had been taken care of.

The other funny story could be titled, Fish Stories. I had a program today for 3-6 year olds where we went fishing with cane poles. Granted they have fairly small hooks, with the idea that they will catch fairly small fish, but the first fish caught this morning was funny. There was a three year old that had never caught a fish before and they'd been fishing about 5 minutes when he caught a fish. Honestly, I think I've seen minnows that are bigger! It was a largemouth bass, mostly mouth, very little rest of bass. Anyway, this kid was SOOO excited to catch his fish. He was wearing a tricorn hat (George Washington style). We got the hook off for him and he wanted to throw the fish back in. So we carefully give him the fish, although we couldnt show him how to hold it in the mouth, even with three year old fingers and a fish with a very large mouth, it wasn't working, so we just handed it to him. He takes it and tosses it. Somehow, this fish lands right on top of his hat, and since it has the rim on it, it just sorta flops there. So the kid takes his hat off and flings the fish, sending it flying and landing in the mud more than water. We helped it out and it did swim away. I only wish we'd had a video because it was really cute!

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