Friday, September 19, 2008

What Happens When We Pray

A week or so ago I received this email from a friend and forwarded it to many friends. I know I wasnt the only one to do this, and people all over the country were praying for this young man.

PLEASE PRAY specifically for our youngest staff pilot, John VanWormer. He was taken from our staging airstrip by the federal police to their headquarters in Sonora state. The federal police have also taken control of our UIM airplane. We are drawing upon all possible resources to help us deal with this situation. At this point prayer is our most effective weapon since there are so many unknowns.Due to the sensitivity of this situation we will not give details but will try keep you informed.John is married with four small children. His wife Maria and children are in Chihuahua.

Yesterday I received this email

GOD'S ANSWERS:The lawyer called from Hermosillo this afternoon and said that the federal judge dismissed the charge against John and the case is closed. THANK THE LORD!!!After some concluding paperwork we can reclaim the airplane as well. THANK THE LORD !!! Thank you so much for your prayers during this very difficult situation.

Yes, God does answer prayer, sometimes in a way that we don't expect, sometimes not in the way we hoped for, but always God hears and answers prayer.

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