Monday, July 28, 2008

Boots Kitty

Boots kitty got to stay home alone this weekend. I was concerned leaving him missing three of his insulin shots, so my in-laws said they would come by Saturday morning and give him a shot. I knew he had missed two before and been ok, so I wasn't nearly as concerned, and he was probably much happier here than travelling to a strange place. He was locked in the gun room, for two reasons. One, it isn't carpeted and so if he threw up it would be easy to clean up. Second, sometimes he is a little stubborn and won't come out of hiding and since they had said they would come by to give him his shot we wanted to make sure he was able to be located. Turns out that he jumped up and rubbed against my mother-in-law and purred and was very happy to see someone. He was fine and hadn't gotten sick anywhere when we got home....until we let him out and then he puked on the carpet. Go figure. Anyway, he seems to be doing quite well, although he was thirsty. I had put one of those automatic water jug things in there for him, knowing that if his blood sugar gets high he drinks alot. I also knew that he might be bored and play with it, knocking it over. That is exactly what happened, he got bored, knocked it over, we got home, he has no water. But the bowl part was still upright so he couldnt have been without water very long. Tomorrow, if I get up early enough, I'll tell you about all the fun we had this weekend.

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