Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Job Hazards

Every job has its hazards, some being more risky than others. For instance, firemen are expected to run into burning buildings, cops capture criminals, and vets may get bitten my large unhappy dogs. Then there's my job. The hazards aren't usually anything more than a large unobedient group of fifth graders. But yesterday, I found another. One I knew existed but hadn't ever come across quite like I did yesterday. In fact, I stepped right smack in the middle of the hazard. What hazard am I speaking of? I nest of angry (at least when you step on them) yellowjackets. Five stings later and an interesting little jig, and I abandoned that area, asking that it be roped off to avoid any of the inner city kids we are working with this week, from having the same experience. After all, we are trying to teach them how great being out in nature is, and I'm thinking angry yellowjackets wouldnt help my cause a bit. And with the way my luck goes sometimes it would be a kid that was allergic and we would have a whole new set of problems!

Nothing to do with yellowjackets, unless of course you notice the nice red, slightly swollen area on my ankle, here is my picture from week 24. (taken just this morning....I really need to have my husband take a picture sometime, I'm sure it would be better!)

picture doesnt appear to be working. will try again later, but i've got to go now.

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