Monday, July 7, 2008

The Reason I'm Tired

There are two main reasons I'm tired right now. .

Meet my nephews.
One is 6 1/2 years old, the other celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday. We went down to visit, arriving Thursday night and leaving yesterday afternoon. During that time we celebrated Independence Day (more on that complete with pictures later), had a birthday party, and played. ALOT.
He got a bicycle for his birthday. I think Kendall was a little jeaolous that he was paying attention to it instead of to her. We were suprised she didn't get dizzy spinning around in a circle as he rode his new big boy bike around her.
This was day 2 without naps, and I think we were all tired. Even the dog and cat. They didn't move much all the way home (another story there), and Kendall went back to bed after going outside this morning. I only wish I could have joined her!
Before I wrap up, and I am a day late posting, I just wanted to say Happy 4th birthday kiddo!

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