Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't Tell The Weatherman!

This weekend, I am REALLY wanting to go kayaking, my husband agrees it would be fun, but there's that little issue of rain. Most of the time by the fourth of July, I'm hoping that there will simply be enough water that I'm not taking a boat hiking, but that is not the case this year. I'm hoping that it won't rain between now and then so that the river will drop below flood stage and be safe for sane people to float. That's just one reason I'm worried the weatherman will change all forecasts for Friday to torrential rain. The other reason is that my father and I are both off work, planning to be in the same location, and hoping to do outdoor activities. Camping in Yellowstone, hiding from the hail, when the drought conditions are so bad that you can't even have an itty bitty fire. Same scenario different year in Rocky Mountain National Park. Tornadoes sweeping through central Arkansas during a backpacking excursion, starting out an hour and a half later with 6 extra miles added on to a backpacking trip because Hurricane Creek was living up to its name and roaring like a Hurricane where we couldn't cross it...and that time we started out in a downpour. One of the prettiest hikes I've ever gone on, just too bad it was raining to hard to get out the camera for most of it:) And then there was the attempted hiking trip that we barely made it to the highway due to all the ice falling that we decided we would be best to cancel our plans and go for a walk in the field behind the house. So you see, whenever my father and I plan to do anything outdoors, together, we can create weather of seemingly Biblical proportions. And he has a three day weekend. I have a three day weekend. Plans are for outside. Hmm....wonder what this weekend will bring?

On a side note, the Great American Backyard Campout for work on Friday night went as scheduled. Although my prediction was right, it came a whopper of a storm, with LOTS of lightning and rain but not too bad on the wind. Good news...I got to test out a new tent and it didn't leak:) So maybe it isn't just my father, maybe it is me...........

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Mom said...

Did someone tell the weatherman? We heard something on the radio about 1"-3" of rain!!! Sure hope they're wrong. We're about to float away down here.