Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Even my toes...

As I've grown up, there are some things about pregnancy you know. For instance, you know that your belly will grow out of proportion to the rest of your body. You even expect there to be a little pain as it grows, that just seems logical, but somewhere along the way, I missed the notice that every single part of your body will change when you get pregnant. I remember a game we had when I was little, Funny Bones I think it was called. I don't know that we ever played it correctly, but the cards would say something like the ankle bone is connected to the shoulder bone and you and a partner would hold the card between those body parts. I thought of that game the other day. Playing that game you think it is silly that two seemingly unrelated body parts would be connected, but did you know that absolutely every square inch of your body changes during pregnancy? (ok so all you mothers out there, go ahead and laugh, you didnt share that info with me!) It isn't all bad changes, my fingernails are growing quickly, of course that means so are my toenails and I can never find toenail clippers when I need them. I actually could buy a bra that fits at Walmart instead of having to get one that is too big:) This is just merely an observation for the week, that yes, EVERY part of your body will change with pregnancy. And I've still got almost half of it to go....I wonder what I'll discover next!

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