Friday, July 25, 2008

Unexpected Rain

If it would kindly continue to rain for at least two more hours, I would be able to accomplish a lot more at work today. I am supposed to have a program at 9 for two hours, which will be fun, but I have a bunch of stuff I really need to spend some time in the office working on. We had a naturalist move, and therefore I picked up on some of her stuff for our big Frog event next week and have that to get done. But in actuality, if I could just get a couple more hours to work on it this morning, I could leave work a little early and start my weekend sooner. WE are going to the lake with Emily and Jason and it should be a lot of fun. Kendall is going too, and I'm having trouble deciding what to do with Boots. I think my husband may see if his parents will stop by sometime on Saturday and give him a shot, which isnt as many as he normally gets, but would be enough to keep him from getting too sick.

Now, its off to work...

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