Friday, July 18, 2008

It turns into a bigger bargain...

Ok, so I've been called impatient before and yes, I was just being impatient again. The lady with the diapers called me yesterday and I was able to go and get them. I counted but don't remember exactly what I counted. I think there were 46 plain, various sizes covers (although some of those might have been all in ones, I'm not really sure, even though it makes me feel goofy not knowing). There were 14 pretty colored/designed covers. There were about 20 of the fitted, plain diapers in various sizes, there were about 30 of the all-in-ones. There were 15 of the prefolds and about 15 of the flat diapers. All in all a lot of diapers, in fact it was a huge trashbag full of them. Then she threw in other stuff such as 6 crib mattress pads, a couple outfits, nursing pads, a box of diaper liners, and some parts to a breast pump. All in all, lots of stuff for my $50. Seemed kinda high for diapers until I started looking around. Now I just want to get everything washed and I seriously need to start organizing the baby's room. Otherwise our little girl is gonna have to sleep in my sock drawer! I did attempt to fill out the preadmit stuff for the hospital this morning and got terribly confused so if my husband doesnt understand it any better than I do I will be calling the number at the bottom for assistance.

One more day working out in the hot sun with a bunch of inner city kids. Its been fun but exhausting. Is it wrong to hope for rain??? at about 10 til 2? a little thunder in there would help. Not that I dont think what we are doing is important, I'm just tired!

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