Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Have you ever discovered that sometimes when you sit down to type, you have a lot of help. I must apologize for any typos, because this morning is just one of those mornings. It is somewhat difficult to see through a 21 1/2 pound black cat that really sees no reason that he should move from in front of the monitor (ok, so if I fed him, that would give him incentive to get up but I only want to go downstairs once before work). So Bootskitty has decided he wants to blog today. He said I talk about Kendall too much he wants his fair share of the attention. I don't know what he wants to say today, except that he was really cuddly last night. We are trying to decide whether to ask my mother in law to keep him for the weekend or whether we should take him with us. We are meeting our friends at their condo at the lake this weekend adn they invited our pets, but have you ever had to travel with a fat cat? He actually is very good, he just doesnt like to get in his carrier very much, I think mostly because he is fat and heavy and it is a little crowded. Don't worry though, I dont squish him inot a small cat5 carrier. The carrier I have was designed for a medium sized dog. So I guess that is what Boots has to say today. More later....

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